Kadena Air Base

AREA: 19,976,000 square meters (7,713 sq miles)

LOCATION: Stretches over Kadena Town, Okinawa City, and Chatan Town


Kadena Air Base is the largest US Air Force base in the East. It is the home base for the 5th Air Force Command, 18th Air Wing and supports two 3,650 meter (11,975 ft) runways. It stations about 54 F-15 Eagle, 13 KC-135R air refueling planes. The base creates an enormous noise that frightens and disturbs the living of the people who lives around the base. Kadena Air Base also has more than 9000 military residents, therefore contains barracks, communication facilities, residential houses, schools, a championship golf course, theatres, and a marina.
(Pictures courtesy of Ryukyu Shimpo)
(Details translated from "Okinawa Military Bases")