Protest Against 3 US Military Servicemen Raping a 12 yr Old School Girl

Sept. 12 marks the anniversary of this page. Since our purpose has started to center more towards reduction and removal of bases, we are currently considering to change the title of our page. Although the incident was the actual reason we started this page, we believe it's time to leave the victims alone.

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Recent Developments


Purpose of this activity group:

Since the 3 enlisted personnels were convicted and sentenced by Japanese law, the purpose of this activity group has centered around the following subjects:

Information Related to Incident

Summary of the Crime
Sentences of the 3 Servicemen
Demand Revision of Agreement Under Article VI


Agreement Under Article VI
Where is Okinawa?
List of Main Crimes Committed and Incidents concerning US military on Okinawa -- Excerpts
People's Rally Oct. 21, 1995
Photos of US Military Bases on Okinawa

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Articles of Interests

Mail Sent to the President of the United States (Nov. 14, 1995)
Voice of Japan Lawyers International Solidarity Association
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Voice of the People
Progressive News & Views List
Profile of Governor Ota Masahide of Okinawa
Statement of Okinawa printed on New York Times
Comment by Mr. John Ed. Francis Printed on Time Magazine
List of People who Signed Our Petition

The petition ended on November 3, 1995, and was delivered to the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Japan on Nov. 14, 1995

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